School of Dramatic Arts


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We provide Drama Classes as an extra-mural activity to teach you the skill of acting.

Drama is a craft that can assist you on every path of life; from the classroom to the workplace and even family life.   

Figment is passionate about teaching these skills to people of all ages.  With a safe and comfortable atmosphere, you can learn all the necessary acting skills to make your mark in life.       

We offer 5 different packages to suite your individual needs. 


Classes are available in Afrikaans and English and via Skype.

  • Curtain-Up Packages includes Eisteddfod participation and training and combine all the acting skills you need.

  • Spotlight Packages focusses solely on Eisteddfod participation and training
  • Cue Packages are Public Speaking speeches and training.

  • Exacting Packages focusses on Drama as a career and include Trinity College of London exam participation and training.

  • Resonate Packages offer a combination of any of the above, to be designed by the student.


Fees are applied per package.  Payment plans are available, be it monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.

At Figment, we believe that anything you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must come to reality. 

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